Traditional Pizza  small 14" is $11 ~ large 16" is $13
tomato sauce and mozzarella
Pizza sausage Gorgonzola  11 ~ 13
homemade sausage, mozzarella
Spicy Chicken Pizza  10 ~ 12
tomato sauce, mozzarella chicken, ranch sauce
BHFD Pizza  13 ~ 15
fra diavolo, Andoille sausage, italian peppers
Pizza Grigliata  13 ~ 15
White pizza, mixed grilled vegetables
Sausage Special Pizza  12 ~ 14
white, sausage, roasted peppers mozzarella
Garden Pizza  12 ~ 14
tomato, mozzarella, mixed vegetables
Pizza Margherita  12 ~ 14
fresh mozzarella, pizza sauce, basil
Toppings for Dimaio's UPPERCRUST PIZZA  
any one topping $ 2.00 any two toppings $ 3.75 any three toppings $ 4.75 any four toppings $ 5.75 Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, bacon, broccoli, extra cheese, garlic, ham, hot peppers, meatballs, spinach, scliced black olives, sliced tomatoes and anchovies
Calzones  $5.00
Pizza dough stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella. Additional tomato sauce is $1.00. Any Pizza topping is $1.00 each
Philly CHEESESTEAKS  Half Sub 5.25 ~ Whole Sub 9.25
Cheesesteak Plain or with onions, mushrooms, peppers or the Works Cheesesteak Hoagie with lettus, tomatoes and onions
Cold SUBS  Half Sub 4.50 ~ Whole Sub 8.50
Italian / Tuna / Turkey with lettuce, tomatoes and onions
Hot SUBS  Half Sub 5.25 ~ Whole Sub 9.25
Meatball Parmigiana / Sausage & Peppers / Eggplant Parmigiana / Chicken Parmigiana
Italian Salad  $4.25
Caesar Salad  $4.95
Romaine, croutons, parmesan
Antipasto  $7.95
Traditional cold antipasto
Tricolore Salad  $4.95
balsamic vinaigrette
Mozzarela and peppers  $7.95
Lioni mozzarella, house roasted peppers
Fried Calamari  $9.95
marinara sauce or fra diavolo
P.E.I. Mussels  $8.95
Sauteed with garlic, oil and plum tomatoes
Mozzarella Sticks  $5.25
Served with tangy marinara sauce
V. Eggplant Pomodoro  $8.95
Eggplant sauteed in olive oil with plum tomatoes, romano cheese
Chicken Fingers  $5.95
Chicken tenders lightly battered and fried
Grilled Shrimp with Portobello Mushrooms  $9.95
Served with garlic and oil over frisee
Grilled Shrimp and Andouille  $9.95
garlic, oil, balsamic drizzle
Sicilian Eggplant  $8.95
fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula
Penne Primavera  $10.95
Fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed with garlic, plum tomatoes and a touch of cream
Rigatoni Amatriciana  $11.95
Plum tomatoes, onions, pancetta, fresh basil
Linguini and Clam Sauce  $12.95
choice of red or white sauce
Fettucine Bolognese  $12.95
Ground veal and beef in a tomato sauce with fresh basil
Meatballs or Sausage  $10.95
Your choice of pasta
Pappardelle Francescana  $14.95
mushrooms, bolognese, touch of cream
Penne Alla Vodka  $12.95
Vodka sauce with plum tomatoes and a touch of cream
Cavatelli with Broccoli  $10.95
Garlic, olive oil and broth
Capellini Florida  $15.95
portabello, leeks, shrimp, sherry sauce
Fettuccine Lucullus  $16.95
shrimp, scallops, plum tomatoes, cream
Rigatoni and chicken Alla Serafino  $13.95
sundried tomato, broccoli, mushrooms, peas
Penne Amore  $15.95
Chicken and shrimp with mushrooms, asparagus, plum tomatoes, sherry wine
Rigatoni and Homemade Sausage  $13.95
mushrooms, Espagnole sauce, plum tomatoes
Chicken Valdostana  $17.95
Prosciutto, Asiago cheese, mushroom, sherry wine.
Chicken Marsala  $15.95
mushrooms and Marsala wine
Chicken Margherita  $16.95
Artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and white wine
Chicken Savoya  $15.95
garlic and rosemary, sherry wine sauce, escarole.
Chicken Florentine  $16.95
Sautéed with tomatoes, garlic, plum tomatoes, and spinach
Chicken Francese  $17.95
Egg batter, lemon, butter white wine
Tilapia Nola  $21.95
Andouille crust Tilapia, Dijon cream sauce.
Tilapia Sicilian  $19.95
tomatoes, almonds, raisins, breadcrumbs
Sockeye Salmon  $21.95
Wild Alaska, pan seared, vincotto
Classic Parmigiana  $14.95
eggplant, chicken or veal over spaghetti
Fettuccine Neptune  $21.95
scallops, shrimp, crab meat, seafood cream
Seafood Fra Diavolo  $25.95
shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, calamari